Friday, February 4, 2011


I have some new projects that I've completed. They've been on my to-do list forever, but I just kept putting them off. I actually made some stuff for myself too.

Magnet boards
Cookie sheet magnet boards from A Crafty Moms Life

My girls love to draw pictures so I thought these would be a cute way for them to display some of their artwork. I bought my cookie sheets from Dollar Tree, my scrapbook paper from Hob Lob & I had the ribbon in my stash. So grand total was about $6!
I'm also going to make some clothespin magnets for hanging up artwork.

Earring holder
Earring Holder from Handmade Mommy

A very quick & easy earring holder. I already had the 5x7 picture frame & the ribbon. I spent about $1.50 for the paint & fabric.
Now that I have my room back, I'm changing the colors in my room to gray & turquoise. They're my new favorite color combo.

And my favorite project...
Fabric bolts
Mini fabric bolts from Smashed Peas & Carrots.

It is amazing how much more fabric I can fit on these shelves when my fabric is all neat and folded.
My dad also cut me some out of MDF that are great for my heavier fabrics, like minky dot and corduroy.

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Dawn Murrell said...

Your blog is so cute and it reminds me of projects I like to do too! Your girls are beautiful and so are you!