Friday, December 6, 2013

Toothfairy Pillow by Ladybug Bend

Toothfairy Pillow

Now this was a fun project to test. This Toothfairy Pillow has options! I tested the ballerina fairy for my girls; I didn't have any tulle for the skirt, so I used some leftover cotton and organza from my daughter's Halloween costume. And since I'm not the best at making pretty bows, I used Taya's pattern piece for the Prince's bow. My girls were thrilled with it, so it looks like I'll be making 2 more.

Now about those options:
* There are 9 characters to choose from - ballerina, princess, prince, pirate, fairy, cowboy, clown, ninja, and super hero
* It includes a tooth/money pocket on the back
* An ingenious ribbon hanger which can be hung on a door knob or bed post
* Extremely beginner friendly! All of the accessories can be attached using fusible adhesive, so it's very minimal sewing