Monday, November 1, 2010

All Halloweened out

My 2 sisters and I have 9 children between us; we each have 3. We love to do a family wide theme for Halloween. This year, the Divine 9 went as the cast of Alice in Wonderland.
I was completing costumes right down to the wire. I put the finishing touch on the last costume about an hour before we left for Trick or Treating. This year was pretty labor intensive, but seeing the pictures & how much the kiddos loved their costumes made it all worth it.

Divine 9

This is my oldest niece. She went as the White Queen. Her costume was the only one that I didn't make. She's almost 14 and decided at the last minute that she was going to participate. ;)
White queen

My second niece went as the Cheshire cat. I sewed purple strips of fleece onto a pink jogging suit. My mom crocheted 2 chains of fuzzy yarn; we used one for her tail & I glued the other one to a headband to make the ears. We had a hard time finding pink & purple face paint, so I just painted whiskers and a big smile on her face.
Cheshire cat

Nephew #1 was the March Hare. I used this awesome tutorial for his hat & my mom tacked the ears to it. I also made his vest. My dad made him the cutest rabbit teeth. This one was also pulled together at the last minute. Up until Friday, he was going to be a card guard.
March hare

My oldest was the Queen of Hearts. While making her costume (and my middle child's), I vowed to never sew with that satin fabric again. It slipped while I was cutting it, things didn't line up, I almost threw the entire thing in the trash. I was able to salvage it, and even though it doesn't live up to my self-imposed standards, Ella loved it!
I used a pattern for her dress. I made the crown out of sparkly fun foam & glued it to a headband. Her scepter is also made out of sparkly foam & glued to a dowel.
Queen of hearts

Nephew #2 was the Mad Hatter. I think I got the most compliments on his costume. He got to wear his to school on Friday for Hooray for Hollywood.
I made the jacket & pants using a pattern. I used the same tutorial for his hat that I used for the March Hare. His mom found a clown bow tie & spray painted it.
Mad Hatter

My middle girlie was Alice. I made her costume using a pattern as well. I made a bow out of satin fabric and glued it to a headband.

Nephew #3 was a Card guard. We chose the 3 of hearts because he's three. I just slit a pillowcase up both sides, cut a hole for his head to go through, & added ties to the side. I used felt for the 3's and hearts. His mom put a red jogging suit & hat on him. I also made him a spear out of fun foam & a dowel; he was flinging it around here so you can't see it.
Card guard

My baby girl was Tweedle Dee. I hot glued a yellow t-shirt & red knit leggings to a quilting hoop. The collars are made out of felt and the bow ties are satin ribbon. We bought red baseball caps; I used a pipe cleaner for the antennae & glued a flag made out of felt.
Tweedle dee

Of course I duplicated the outfit for Nephew #4 who was Tweedle Dum.
Tweedle dum

The Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum costumes were absolutely hilarious! The babies loved wearing them but it seemed to throw off their balance. They seemed to trip & fall all evening.

So now that I'm coming off of my Halloween letdown, I have to switch into Room mom mode. I have 22 Indian vests to make for Ella's class for Thanksgiving. Not to mention the basket full of stuff I have cut out for my girls Winter wardrobe. Yikes!

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Tamara said...

How much bigger did you buy the yellow shirts to be able to put in the ring? So cute!!