Friday, May 8, 2009


This time of year is crazy. School's winding down, the weather's getting warmer, and it seems like there's very little time for sewing. I have done a few outfits, but not nearly as much as I'd wanted to accomplish. So there's been a lull.

Thanks to lots of small children swarming underfoot, I can't leave my machine out. I believe the other day, my middle child wiped her spaghetti-covered hands all down the side and one of my nephews started unwinding a spool of thread. One of my other nephews, is infatuated with it. He wants me to sew so he can sit by my side and watch me work.
Someday, I want to have a craft room. A place where I can sew, scrapbook, craft,... I can leave my sewing machine set up all the time; that would be nice.

I cleaned out my girls winter clothes and have them packed into Space bags. Their closets look so bare. I really need to get some of their Summer wardrobe sewn up. I have a new pattern that I'm dying to try. Maybe tomorrow.
I have some sewing I want to get done for the pool - a lounge chair cover & bathing suit cover-ups. I'd also like to make the girls each a bathing suit.