Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter sewing

Wow, this poor blog is being neglected. To be honest, after several less than stellar shows, I haven't felt much like sewing. Luckily, the majority of the Divine 9's Easter attire was done prior to those shows, or they probably wouldn't have anything to wear on Sunday.
For the first time, I think I'm actually going to make something to wear for myself. I don't have anything to wear to church on Sunday, so I think I'm going to make me a simple, a-line knit skirt. I've used the pattern before to make a skirt for someone and it went together quickly & easily. Then I'll just have to buy myself a shirt to wear with it.

I haven't been in a total sewing funk though. I made a crayon tote for a birthday gift and some sewing for a friend in exchange for some fabulous beach pictures that she took of my girls (you can check out my other blog to see those). I also made the girls an outfit for today; it was supposed to be a beach trip outfit, but it didn't get done.

To-do list for today:
* Finish niece's Easter dress - DONE!
* Remake nephew's Easter Jon jon (since I just sold it to someone else LOL)
* My skirt - DONE!
* Complete second "supposed-to-be-a-beach-trip" outfit