Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have been sewing *GASP!*

My wonderful mother bought some fabric for me, so I've been in more of a sewing mood. It's a little more time consuming sewing 3 of everything, in varying sizes of course, but I did get 3 outfits almost done yesterday; they are lacking the buttons on the a-lines, the elastic in the waist & the ruffle of the pantaloons. I also have a second outfit cut out in triplicate and hope to get them done today.
I have some black toile and some navy toile that I'd like to do something with, I'm just not sure I have enough of either to do 3 outfits. :p

Baby girl's crib set is still up in the air. My sister was telling me yesterday that someone at our church is graciously offering up the use of her crib to me. Up until now, I've been debating just buying a pack 'n play which would omit the need for any crib bedding, except for maybe some sheets. Nothing like leaving these decisions until the last minute, huh?

Maybe if I can get everything finished, and pressed, I'll post pictures later.