Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes, it's still almost 2 months before Halloween. But I'm hoping to make their costumes myself, so I'm thinking about it now.

Possibility #1:
My sisters and I usually try and do a theme with our kids. One year we did Wizard of Oz and last year we did sea creatures. We had talked about doing Peter Pan this year; my mom is really wanting my middle daughter to be Tinkerbell. She thinks that she looks like a little sprite and has always thought it would be a cute idea. I'm just not sure what my oldest will be. Wendy doesn't have a very "impressive" costume, so I've thought of maybe dressing her up as Princess Tiger Lily; if she hadn't been a mermaid last year, I probably would do that. The baby I thought could be Michael's teddy bear. :)
I think my 2 oldest nieces are probably too cool to do a theme, but between my 3 nephews we could have Peter Pan, Captain Hook, John, Michael, Lost boys, the crocodile...

Possibility #2:
Then, the other day, I thought it would be cute to dress all 3 of my girls up as fairies. I found some very simple instructions for a no-sew tutu; add a leotard/onesie, tights, fairy wings, and a head piece = Instant fairies! I'm thinking of doing them in pink, lavender, and yellow.
Now, I wonder how hard it will be to find reasonably priced colored leotards & tights.

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Rae said...

I totally know what you mean...I'm already thinking about what to do too. Not sure I have enough motivation to sew costumes though. Ack!

Congratulations on your girl! I hope everything is going well.