Monday, June 15, 2009


My stash of fabric is out of control. I think a little bit of it resides in just about every room of the house (only a slight exaggeration!). I hit Google trying to find some ideas on how to get the fabric monster under control. I found some great sites on folding it and stacking it on shelves. We have the perfect closet for that! The only problem, until today, it was piled high to the ceiling with other crafting paraphernalia.

So I got the whole thing cleaned out and now I just need to fold & sort my fabric. That could easily take me the entire rest of the week. :p I just hope there's enough room for all of it.

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KB said...

I have similar problems - piles of lycra fabrics (gymnastic leos - and need a way to store it all. I had dh put in some wire shelving and then folded it all so I can easily tell what is what.

I've arranged it so my velvets are together, prints together, foils/holos together, and then my "remnant" pieces (that I've taken off the list to be used as "grab bag leo" material) are neatly folded inside a clear container.

Other fabrics that I have but that aren't part of the leo business also go in clear containers.... but there is so much less of them!

Don't know what you do for storing threads and such, but dh built me a "threadrack" out of pegboard. Just put the pegboard up, then bought a couple packs of assorted pegs. We figured out which was best for thread, plus I've got long ones for holding my elastic, finished scrunchies, scissors, etc. It's really handy to have everything right there beside me where I can see the colors and it's easy to grab.

Serger cones are in one of those plastic drawer thingies (nice description!), along with needles, ribbons, bobbins... all the little necessities you don't need right in front of you but still need, kwim??