Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show #2

We have another show coming up tomorrow and Saturday. Mary and I are really worried. We hadn't really been looking to do anymore shows, but someone suggested we do this particular Market place. We inquired and were told that the show was full, but they'd put us on a waiting list.
About 2 weeks ago, coincidentally on the day of our daycare show, we found out that they'd decided to open up another room and invited us to participate. We decided to go for it.
Well after set-up tonight, I'm not so sure it was such a good idea. The Market is in a huge church. Most of the booths are set up in the gym; the rest of the booths are smattered throughout. We're not in a high traffic area and I'm afraid that we're going to spend 2 days sitting around doing nothing. We had 2 weeks to restock from the daycare show, another round of sickies, and we just don't have as much as we should.
So I'm sitting here wide awake and nervous @ midnight. I should at least be using my insomnia to get some sewing done, but instead I'm sitting here.

To add to my mommy guilt, tomorrow is my middle child's 3rd birthday. If this show is a fiasco, I'll feel even worse that I drug her to a boring show on her birthday.

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