Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time for another To-do list

I'm lacking in the sewing department again. So let's see if posting another To-do list will do the trick.

This is going to be a "Handmade by Me" Christmas this year! I think I'm going to pretty much make every gift I give this year. That's going to be a lot of sewing

[*] 3 Raggy totes for teacher gifts
[*] PJ Pants with matching pillowcases for nieces & nephews
[*] Dress up clothes, PJ Pants, & Pillowcases for girls

Just typing that is starting to give me a panic attack...

Christmas clothes! My sister and I are going to have a Christmas Open House for some of our clothes. So I need to make up some samples and take the girls pictures in them for our invitations.

[*] Pink & green "Noel" outfit - Pinafore dress & pantaloons for oldest daughter, Callie & pantaloons for middle daughter, Aline for baby girl [Done!]
[*] Pink & green t-shirt dresses[Done!]
[*] Christmas clothes for 5 nieces & nephews, plus my 3 girls (Green corduroy pants for boys, skirts for nieces, dresses for my girls)[Done!]
[*] Flannel PJ pants for nieces & nephews, nightgowns for my girls[Done!]
[*] Others?!?!?

And unrelated Christmas sewing
[*] Baby girl's giraffe print diaper bag [Done!]
[*] Baby girl's Auburn outfit [Done!]
[*] Diaper bag for baby gift; I didn't get this done in time for the shower, so I figure I'll give it to them when the baby arrives. [Done!]

Okay, I'm off to get crackin' on this list.