Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sewing To-do list

Why is it, that when something doesn't go together the way I want it to, that it seems to take the wind out of my sewing sails?!? I was doing so well working on the baby's crib bedding and then the bumper pads didn't line up just right, so now I don't feel like working on it. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and I guess I can contribute some of that to having a 2 week old baby.

So, for my sewing To-do List:
* Crib skirt - [Done!]
* Crib sheet - I need to put the elastic in and then it's done [Done!]
* Bumper pads - They're pinned together, they just need to be sewn up [Done!]
* Raggy quilt - I need to cut out the flannel squares for the backing (71 - 6" squares) and the batting for the middle (84 - 6" squares). Thank goodness for rotary cutters! :p [Done!]
* Basket liners - I'm making new liners for 2 baskets; I'll store them under the crib for blankets and diapers [Done!]
* At least 2 Halloween outfits - No, I still haven't made the girls any Halloween outfits, except for the pumpkin a-lines; those are technically their Fall outfits though. I really probably shouldn't waste my time, but I want them to have something. [Done!]
* Fairy costumes - Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their tulle, so I already have that. I just need to start cutting everything out. Luckily, I'm not anticipating having any problems with these; they should be pretty cut & dry and I'm hoping easy to pull together. [Done!]
* Burp cloths - I need to decorate some "spitties" for the baby. I would definitely classify her has a spitter. I have 5 plain burp cloths that need to be girled up. [Done!]
* Baby girl's giraffe print diaper bag - I got the fabric Tuesday! I just need to decide what size I want to make it and cut out the pieces.
* Baby gift - I'm making a diaper bag for my cousin's wife and her shower is November 1st. I'll probably also make a few burp cloths for the baby too.

Now, let's see how many of these things I can get checked off before time runs out.